Basset Hound Studs

We have several wonderful male Bassets that sire our pups here at Stonewall. Most of these dogs were imported from some of the better kennels in Europe. We do offer stud service, please contact us for more info.

Stonewall Earl:

DOB 1/19/2019 75% European

Sire: Horacio Moravia Bray

Dam: HH Blueberry Pie

BR Lake Park Fabian:

DOB 5/27/2019 (Imported) 100% Brazilian

Sire: BR Lake Park X-Iceman

Dam: BR Lake Park Tempest

Stonewall Jericho:

DOB 11/22/2017 100% European

Sire: Alexander First the Knight of the Sad Face

Dam: Dee Dee Di Casa Bonacossa

Nanuk Queen's Hermelin:

DOB 2/14/2016 100% European

Sire: Zvezdochet Canis Hound

Dam: Cherokee Queen's Hermelin

Bedrock's Barney of Stonewall:

DOB 1/14/2019 100% European

Sire: CH Maple Street Louie

Dam: Corkey's Yaba Daba Doo at Bedrock

Masterpiece Mozart Breenbrass

DOB 10/03/2018 100% European

Sire: Kuba Klan Piegowatych

Dam: Elldara Fiamma Di Luna Breenbrass