Basset Hound Studs

We have several wonderful male Bassets that sire our pups here at Stonewall. Most of these dogs were imported from some of the better kennels in Europe. We typically offer stud service, however at this time we have suspended that service to concentrate on our own group of girls.

Stonewall Earl:

DOB 1/19/2019 75% European

Sire: Horacio Moravia Bray

Dam: HH Blueberry Pie

BR Lake Park Fabian:

DOB 5/27/2019 (Imported) 100% Brazilian

Sire: BR Lake Park X-Iceman

Dam: BR Lake Park Tempest

Stonewall Dallas:

DOB 9/15/2016 69% European

Sire: Stonewall Captain Morgan

Dam: Stonewall Carrie

Bedrock's Barney of Stonewall:

DOB 1/14/2019 100% European

Sire: CH Maple Street Louie

Dam: Corkey's Yaba Daba Doo at Bedrock

Stonewall Lincoln:

DOB 9/2/2019 100% European

Sire: Terra D'Orfili Gunther

Dam: Stonewall Sophie

Stonewall Andy:

DOB 9/28/2019 100% European

Sire: Stonewall Longmire

Dam: Marscha Queen's Hermelin