Irish Terrier puppies and information from Stonewall Farm Bassets in Ava, MO


In our experience, Irish Terrier puppies are friendly, outgoing, and work well for the typical dog-owner. We find it fairly rare to come across a shy or reserved terrier pup. Occasionally, we have a hyperactive pup. These are great dogs, regardless, but are better suited for a "dog-person," instead of a first-time dog owner. Stonewall Bassets does our best to identify all of our Irish Terrier puppies as typical, calm, or high energy to help find the right fit for your home.

Future Irish Terrier families often ask us about ear-training. The first thing to remember: This is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the health of your puppy. That being said, somewhat crooked ears can happen. Many of our puppies are born with beautiful ears requiring no training at all. For others, a little ear-training may be needed if the perfect Irish Terrier look is desired. While we are far from experts in ear-training, we have had some experience with gluing as needed over the years. Our preferred product is Jiffy Sew Puppy Dog Ear-Forming Adhesive.

Irish Terriers need plenty of quality exercise to remain healthy and happy. This can be with frequent walks and runs, time in a dog park, or a fenced yard with lots of playtime. It doesn't matter how you choose to help your pup exercise, but you will find yourself with a much happier puppy.

Finally, while it is not absolutely necessary, we do highly recommend obedience classes for Irish Terrier homes. This will help your bond with your puppy and provide a better experience growing together overall.